Senior Line of Credit

For many families, a flexible payment option with smaller monthly payments is the best way to access senior living. Especially when waiting for a home to sell or benefits to arrive, many families take advantage of the Elderlife Line of Credit for senior living.

The Elderlife Line of Credit has been featured in the Wall Street Journal, SmartMoney Magazine, Kiplinger’s Retirement Report, American Health Care Association Magazine and the Chicago Tribune. It’s a smart move in tough financial times.

With the Elderlife Line of Credit you can:

  • Access senior Living immediately
  • Make small monthly payments, use what you need as you need it
  • Create more time for a home sale to make the home look its best and get highest possible sale price.


  • Unsecured, “Personal”, meaning no collateral necessary
  • Rates higher than home equity lower than most credit cards
  • Up to six adults can share the monthly payment
  • While families have up to five years to pay back the Line of Credit, most families take advantage of it for 1 to 12 months until home sells or VA arrives.