A Legal & Financial Checklist for Older Adults

As we grow older, the need to get our financial and legal house in order becomes increasingly important. We hope this quick checklist will give you an overview of which documents you need to put in place.

Taking time now to organize and plan, will save your family the heart ache and stress that often results when family members try to predict what you would have wanted them to do.

  1. Do you have a Durable Power of Attorney for Finances and for Health Care?
  2. Do you have a will that clearly states your wishes for distributing your assets and property?
  3. Do you have a living willing? (This document is also referred to as advanced health care directives.)
  4. Do you have a trust set up? Does your family know about it and who your financial or legal representative is?
  5. Do you have long term care insurance? If you do, does your family know about the policy?
  6. Does your family know what your sources of income are? And your monthly expenses? Will they be able to find all of the necessary paperwork for your accounts in the event you are not able to direct them?