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Carillon Assisted Living of Cramer Mountain

 Carillon Assisted Living
500 Cramer Mountain Rd, Cramerton NC
Carillon Assisted Living of Cramer Mountain is an Assisted Living Community located in Cramerton, NC. Assisted Living care offers an independent living experience with the personal care and health services as needed. Assisted Living communities are designed to provide residents with assistance with basic activities of daily living (ADLs) such as bathing, grooming, dressing, and more. Some states allow assisted living to offer medication assistance and /or reminders. They typically offer daily meals, activities, religious services and transportation. For more details on this community including pricing and availability, call the number above or complete the email form.
Carillon Assisted Living of Cramer Mountain, located in Cramerton, North Carolina offers assisted living and Alzheimer’s and dementia care. They offer a home-like atmosphere, where residents can live with respect, dignity and independence. Everything from the design of the building to the selection of furnishings has been carefully selected to replicate the atmosphere and era in which the residents have lived most of their lives. Carillon of Cramer Mountain is a valued partner in the surrounding community, serving as a host location for various community groups and events that focus on enriching and improving the quality of life of their residents. Carillon Assisted Living’s philosophy is based on three foundational pillars from which all operations and policies are conducted and developed; Wellness, Preservation of Dignity and Independence, and Social Interaction and Well-Being. Carillon provides quality resident care with an active and rich social program and varied and gracious dining. The communities’ common areas promote social interaction and fun. Carillon team members are committed to hosting detailed and well-planned events and activities seven days a week that fulfill a tremendous range of resident interests. Garden Place is the name of the community specifically for residents with Alzheimer’s or other forms of dementia. These residents enjoy a productive, positive, and safe environment designed for their special needs. From the color of the walls, to the contrasting upholstered furniture, to the circular wandering paths, to the activity-oriented life stations, everything has been designed to enhance the lives of the residents.

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Pricing will vary depending upon published room rates, care charges and medication charges. Each resident is evaluated to determine care needs and final pricing.


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