When I learned about SeniorLiving.Net, I had been spending hours calling, reading information and visiting possible senior care options. I learned a lot but was still struggling to find the right match for my loved one. When my Care Advisor from SLN called me back, everything started to fall into place. I felt she deeply understood my situation and concerns. She took great care to interview me and understand what we were hoping to find. From the minute we walked in the door I knew the search was over. SeniorLiving.net put all the pieces together and we are so grateful.


SeniorLiving.Net Care Advisors each have more than 10 years experience working with families. Because our experienced team helps thousands of families each month, we constantly receive feedback and reviews from families like Deborah's. From this, we can make recommendations on the "Best" Assisted Living, Independent Living, Alzheimer's and Dementia Communities in the country. We help diminish the stress families feel from worrying and wondering if they have made the right decision. With the help of the SLN Care Team, they can be sure they have made the best choice.

Thank you for this outstanding service. I can't tell you how much we appreciated it during this trying transition for my dad. I'd recommend this service to anyone who finds themselves in our shoes in the future.

Julianne S.

Julianne contacted us in December with an urgent need for her father, who has a diagnosis of Dementia. We were able to work with them to understand their needs and what was important to them in a care provider. In January, we scheduled visits for them with five (5) communities in Michigan. Under the guidance of their SLN Care Advisor, they found exactly what they were looking for in a provider. In mid-January, her father moved into a community with expertise in Dementia care.

Knowing the first month in a senior community is usually the toughest part of the transition, the SeniorLiving.Net Care Team does a 30-day check in to see how things are going. For Julianne and her father, the news is positive. The transition has gone well, and he is settling in to his new home.

Thank you for the positive yet overwhelming response to my inquiry at SeniorLiving.Net. As my father, for whom we are looking to place, lives in PA and my siblings in other states, we need a couple of weeks to digest and explore the options presented to us.

I have been contacted by many, if not all the facilities on the list that you sent below and have alternatively responded to them indicating that we would be in touch. I am so pleased and most appreciative with SeniorLiving.Net's service. Thank you again for your prompt response!

Kelisha R.

Kelisha contacted us for help researching assisted living communities for her father who lives out of state in Pennsylvania. She wanted to do the research herself but wanted us to recommend some communities that were licensed, near her father and within their family budget.

We moved my mother into the community you recommended near Hopkins Creek on Wednesday. Your information was very helpful and you made looking at places and evaluating the options very easy. My mom is happy and it all worked out for the best.

Sandy Rigler

SeniorLiving.Net provides each family with a list of high quality options in your location. Families are always surprised how many good options are available to them locally. Our Care Advisors are evaluating options every week in more than 1000 cities across the country.